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Science Facts

Science Facts - Month July

1 July
Birthday of famous Physician & Bharat Ratna Awarded Bidhan Chandra Roy which is celebrated as 'Doctor's Day' in India.
2 July 1938
Chandrakumar Naranbhai Patel (inventor of the Carbon Dioxide Laser) was born on this day.
4 July 2005
Successful collision of NASA's satellite "Deep Impact" with comet into the space was held at the distance 13.04 million km from the Earth.
5 July 1996
First Clon Mammal (Genetically identical individuals) "Dolly" (a sheep) was born on this day.
6 July 2019 - First Saturday of July
International Cooperative Day.
6 July 1906
Daulat Singh Kothari (well known Indian physicist) was born on this day.
6 July 1885
Vaccine for Rabies first time used on human on this day.
11 July
World Population Day. (by U.N.)
16 July 1945
The first detonation with code name "Trinity" conducted by United States at "Los Alamesh" was done on this day. This date is known as the beginning of Atomic Age.
16 July 1969
Successful launching of "Apollo – 11" was done with the help of "Saturn–V" rocket from Kennedy Space Center at Florida.
18 July
Nelson Mandela International Day for freedom, justice and democracy. (by U.N.)
18 July 1980
Launching of Indian satellite "Rohini RS-1" into the Space.
19 July 1814
Samuel Colt (inventor of Revolver) was born on this day.
24 July 1969
Successful landing of "Appolo-11" in the pacific Ocean.
25 July 1978
"Louise Joy Brown" – the world's first successful Test Tube Baby was born in Great Britain.
26 July 2019 - Last Friday of July
19th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. (Also known as Sysadmin Day)
U.N. - United Nations