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Science Facts

Science Facts - Month April

1 April 1962
Decimal weight measurement system was made compulsory in India.
2 April
World Autism Awareness Day. (UN)
2 April 1618
Mathematician and Physicist, Francisco M. Grimaldi (discoverer of light diffraction) was born on this day.
3 April 1984
Indian Astronaut Mr.Rakesh Sharma traveled into Space.
7 April
World Health Day (WHO) (UN)
12 April
International Day of Human Space Flight (UN).
12 April 1961
First Russian Astronaut Yuri Gagarin traveled into Space.
16 April 1853
First Indian Steam Engine train was started from Mumbai to Thane.
16 April 1867
Wilbur Wright (co-inventor of the first manned aeroplane) was born on this day.
19 April 1912
American Chemist, Glen T. Seaborg (discoverer of plutonium) was born on this day.
19 April 1971
Russia had launched world's first unmanned Space research station "Salyut-1" in Space.
19 April 1975
India entered in Space Era. "Aryabhatt" Satellite was launched from Soviet Union.
22 April
International Earth Day.
22 April 1799
Jean Poiseuille (discoverer of blood pressure) was born on this day.
23 April
World Book & Copyright Day (UNESCO).
23 April 1858
German Physicist, Max Planck (who wrote the Planck Constant) was born on this day.
25 April
World Malaria Day (WHO).
25 April 1874
The great Scientist Mr. Marconi (inventor of Radio) was born on this day.
27 April 1791
Mr. Semual Morse (inventor of Postal Service & Telegram) was born on this day.
28 April
World Day for Safety & Health at Work.
30 April 1895
French Scientist Mr. Rontgen discovered X-rays.
U.N. - United Nations, WHO – World Health Organization and UNESCO – United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization