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Weir-cum-Causeway near Singanpore village across river Tapti

1. Location Road from Bombay Market to Archana Vidhyalaya
2. River/Nala/Creek Local khadi
3. Lane Six lane
4. Year of construction 1995-1996
5. Cost Rs.37.87 Lacs 
6. Details of Bridge  
  Length of Bridge  18 mtr.
  (ii) Number of span Two
  (iii) Span Length 9.0 mtr.
  (iv) Carriage Way 21.89 + 1.67 mtr.wide footpath on both sides.
  (v) Length of Returns Left side - 6.65 mtr. Right side - 2.25 mtr.
7. (i)Design Discharge 270 Cumecs
  (ii) Design H.F.L. R.L.10.25 mtr.
  (iii) Type of bridge Submersible bridge.
  (iv) F.R.L. R.L.(+) 4.85 mtr. Abutments
    R.L.(+) 0.75 mtr. Piers
8. Structural Details :  
  (i) Foundation. Open foundation for pier and abutments.
  (ii) Substructure R.C.C. substructure in M-200 concrete.
  (iii) Superstructure R.C.C. solid slab decking suitable for submergence..
  (iv) General Items Post and pipe railing..
9. Name of Contractor Harish J. Patel, Surat.
10.  Name of Consultant Multi Media Consulting Engineers, Ahmedabad.