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Proactive Disclosures under the Right to Information Act - Chapter 2, Section - IV

(VII) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof

With regard to formulation of policy decisions, the elected representatives are involved for making policy decisions. There are 34 + [4 for extended area] Election Wards of this Corporation. Each Ward Consist 3 seats of Councilor. Out of them 33 % of seats are reserved for Female. Thus 34 + [4 for extended area] seats out of 102 + [12 for extended area] total seats are reserved for Female candidates. Seats for Scheduled cast & Tribes as - well - as other Backward class candidates are also reserved as per the Population Figure of 2001 Census. For details related to Election Wards & Seats please visit

General Board:

The General Board is the supreme body of the Corporation constituted by elected members from each and every wards. Its term is for a five year duration after which elections are held once again.  To see the details of General Board please visit

Statutory Committees:
  1. Standing Committee
  2. Health Committee
  3. PWD Committee
  4. Water Committee
  5. Town Planning Committee
  6. Social Welfare, Entertainment and Cultural Committee
  7. Drainage Committee
  8. Law Committee
  9. Hospital, Medical Aid and Hygiene Committee
  10. Housing and Garden Committee
  11. Light and Fire (Extinguishing) Committee
  12. Slum Improvement Committee

To see the details of various committes please visit Standing Committee:

The Standing Committee is one of the twelve statutory committees and is one of the most powerful committees. It has the powers to sanction and award major works of cost over Rs. Five lacs. It is also vested with financial powers.

To know more about Elected Wing, Committees, Committee Members, Councilors, Councilors’ Grant Usage details please visit